Hermanus Photographic Society
Set subject competition

Set subject competition

The monthly set subject competition is intended to test and stretch the technical and creative abilities of our member photographers. 

The set subjects for the next few months were ranked from a poll of members and is now part of our ongoing competition. 

A new set subject will be added each month providing at least six to eight months of advance warning of a set subject. You can click on the links below to see more ideas on how to go about in creating your own entry.

2021AugustLines and Geometry
September Triptych – a story in three photos
NovemberMoving Waters
DecemberYour Old Photo Revived
2022FebruaryThe Decisive Moment
AprilAbandoned Structures
MayH is for?
Winner of Lines and Geometry set subject. BoKaap Lines © Mari Botes

Winner of set subject image for September 2021. A Goliath Heron in Action © Treurnicht du Toit.