Hermanus youth shines in national initiative
Hermanus youth shines in national initiative

Hermanus youth shines in national initiative

A young photographer from Hermanus High School is the latest winner of the relatively new Youth Division of the PSSA Monthly Website Competition.

Daniël van den Heever, in grade 12, used a DSLR camera to take the winning photo, entitled “Head-space”, during an Eskom blackout. It is of a Lego space man on the edge of Daniël’s lit cellphone screen, which provides the only light in the room. Daniël’s success is not the first sign of a rising interest in organized photography by schoolchildren. It is just a local manifestation of this long awaited trend that could open up and encourage a stream of new photographic talent.

The so-called “Website” competition is for individual PSSA members, and its youth division is for photographers under 19. During its first year, 2021, it was dominated by photographers from Hoërskool Charlie Hofmeyr in Ceres.

That year a number of youth clubs also began to participate in the PSSA monthly junior club competition – not in a “youth” division, but in open competition with the more than 100 clubs affiliated to the PSSA. Among the youth clubs were those of Charlie Hofmeyr, Hoërskool Malmesbury and the Western Cape Youth Photographers.

Charlie Hofmeyr in particular has done so well that within three years it is in seventh position in the Western Cape, ahead of established clubs such as Tafelberg, Witzenberg and Paarl.

Then in November came a significant breakthrough when members of both Charlie Hofmeyr and Western Cape Youth had advanced to a level that enabled the clubs to enter the PSSA monthly senior competition. The junior competition is for club members up to 3-Star level, and the senior competition for 4-Star and above.

Watch this space …

Meanwhile a group of the Hermies photographic club attended our March monthly meeting as visitors, contributing to a lively atmosphere, and creating the possibility for constructive future contact.