Hermanus Photographic Society
Set Subject of the month

Set Subject of the month

The Set subject is a monthly competition for club members. View the upcoming set subjects here.

December 2022: Food and Drink

November 2022: Shadows

October 2022: Photograph of a family or friend’s Pet

September 2022: Spirals in nature

August 2022: Sport in action

Canoe chaos © Phil Sturgess – Merit and winner of set subject Sport in Action.
Downed in the house of pain © Daniel Reddie – Gold
The Fisherman © Crighton Klassen – Gold
No 639 © David Wilson – Gold

July 2022: The number three

Three Plus Three © Luke Horsten. Set subject winner as well as image of the month.
Three musketeers © Judy Armstrong
Lean on Me © Sheron Pretorius
Blue red and gold © Phil Sturgess

June 2022: Paint with light

May 2022: H is is for…

April 2022: Abandoned structures

March 2022: Moods

February 2022: The Decisive Moment or “un moment décisif” 

Your Old Photo Revived

A limited number of images were entered into the competition Your old Photo Revived. The winning image was by new comer Peter Jaquire with his image Hilltop Chapel 2016. The before image is provided as reference and was not scored.