Hermanus scores for PSSA Annual Interclub
Hermanus scores for PSSA Annual Interclub

Hermanus scores for PSSA Annual Interclub

Some excellent photographs were entered by clubs in this year’s PSSA Interclub competition. The Junior section particularly was fierce. Edenvale Photographic Club scoring 711 was mere two points ahead of Bethal Fotografieklub (709). The Hermanus Juniors ranked 22nd with a total score of 659. Last year our club did not enter in the junior category, but with the growth in junior members this year we could get our foot in the door.

Each image was scored out of 60. Clubs entered a panel of 15 images in the junior (1-3 Star) and 15 into the senior category. The adjudicating judges were Laetitia Kenny, Evelyn Gibson, Chris Daly and Geoff Feldon.

In the Senior section AFO Photography Club beat Hibiscus Coast Photographic Society by 7 points. AFO was the overall winners (junior and seniors combined) with only 5 points separating them from the runners-up Edenvale Photography Club. Hermanus came 12th in seniors and 18th overall. The Hermanus gallery of images are below followed by the tables with scores.

Hermanus Juniors

VictorKorstenOne StarWorking on fire50
MariBotes3 StarSpiral Staircase47
Ingrid Grundlingh3 StarPensive Moment45
JudesArmstrong2 StarSecretary bird in silhouette45
IngridGrundlingh 3 StarMacro magic45
JudesArmstrong1 StarSunset at Skulpiesbaai45
SheronPretorius3 StarWave jumping44
SheronPretorius3 StarOverberg vista44
RenePretorius2 StarTough race43
MariBotes3 StarWorkers at night43
Fieliesde Kock1 StarCamel Sellers taking a break43
Fieliesde Kock1 StarIcy Stares43
MariBotes3 StarBerries and Pancakes42
JudesArmstrong2 StarLittle drop of sunlight41
VictorKorsten1 StarWalker Bay Show Time39
    Hermanus Junior Total659

Hermanus Seniors

PhilSturgessMaster SilverVulture passion52
LukeHorstenMaster BronzeNesting material51
LukeHorstenMaster BronzeCautious eyes51
PhilSturgessMaster SilverColourful waves49
DanielReddie5 StarHot chef in a Vietnamese restaurant49
Carinade KlerkMBAutumn Trees and Dark Skies47
CharlesNaudeMaster SilverMommys darling47
CharlesNaudeMaster SilverLove at first bite46
DavidWilson5 StarPlease save water46
DanielReddie5 StarLondon rickshaw waiting for a fare46
Carinade KlerkMaster BronzeA night cap46
PhilSturgessMaster SilverTwisted camel thorn45
CharlesNaudeMaster SilverNyala youngster45
Carinade KlerkMaster BronzeWinterberg at a tenth42
ChristinaRobertson4 StarFeather explosion41

2023 PSSA Interclub Competition

1AFO Photography Club6797371416
2Edenvale Photographic Club7117001411
3Bethal Fotografie Klub7096991408
4Ermelo Foto Klub6927071399
5Westville Camera Club6877111398
6Hibiscus Coast Photographic Society6657301395
7George Camera Club6807141394
8Magalies Foto Fun Club6867041390
9Bloemfontein Kameraklub6807061386
9Southern Suburbs Camera Club6767101386
10Cape Town Photographic Society6986841382
11Vereeniging Photographic Society6697121381
12Sandton Photographic Society6856901375
13Highway Camera Club6856871372
14Knysna Photographic Society6607081368
15Krugersdorp Camera Club6617061367
15Mosselbaai Kameraklub6826851367
16Springs Photographic Club6846821366
17Swartland Fotografieklub6826821364
18Hermanus Photographic Society6597031362
19Boksburg Camera Club6726881360
20National Photographic Club6477051352
21Alberton Camera Club6526951347
21Eden Photographic Society6636841347
22Maritzburg Camera Club6806661346
23Vanderbijlpark Fotografiese Vereniging6427021344
24Klerksdorp Fotografie Klub6536831336
25Fish Hoek Photographic Society6686631331
25Sasol Highveld Photography Club6416901331
26Creative Camera Club6706601330
26Port Elizabeth Camera Club6616691330
27Kowie Camera Club6716551326
28Tafelberg Fotografieklub6506751325
29Amber Camera Club6316901321
29Centurion Camera Club6616601321
30Ballito Photo Club6516671318
32Pretoria Photographic Society6726421314
33F-Stop Fotografiese Vereniging6416721313
34Tygerberg Photographic Society6376741311
35Rustenburg Photographic Society6256831308
36Bosveld Fotografie Klub6376681305
36Midlens Fotoklub6126931305
37Nelspruit Photographic Society6286751303

PSSA Junior club results

1Edenvale Photographic Club711
2Bethal Fotografie Klub709
3Cape Town Photographic Society698
4Ermelo Foto Klub692
5Westville Camera Club687
6Magalies Foto Fun Club686
7Highway Camera Club685
7Sandton Photographic Society685
8Springs Photographic Club684
9Mosselbaai Kameraklub682
9Swartland Fotografieklub682
10Bloemfontein Kameraklub680
10George Camera Club680
10Maritzburg Camera Club680
11AFO Photography Club679
12Southern Suburbs Camera Club676
13Boksburg Camera Club672
13Pretoria Photographic Society672
14Kowie Camera Club671
15Creative Camera Club670
16Vereeniging Photographic Society669
17Fish Hoek Photographic Society668
18Hibiscus Coast Photographic Society665
19Eden Photographic Society663
20Krugersdorp Camera Club661
20Port Elizabeth Camera Club661
20Centurion Camera Club661
21Knysna Photographic Society660
22Hermanus Photographic Society659
23Klerksdorp Fotografie Klub653
24Alberton Camera Club652
25Ballito Photo Club651
26Tafelberg Fotografieklub650
27National Photographic Club647
28Vanderbijlpark Fotografiese Vereniging642
29F-Stop Fotografiese Vereniging641
29Sasol Highveld Photography Club641
30Bosveld Fotografie Klub637
30Tygerberg Photographic Society637
31Amber Camera Club631
32Nelspruit Photographic Society628
33Rustenburg Photographic Society625
35Midlens Fotoklub612

PSSA Senior club results

1AFO Photography Club737
2Hibiscus Coast Photographic Society730
3George Camera Club714
4Vereeniging Photographic Society712
5Westville Camera Club711
6Southern Suburbs Camera Club710
7Knysna Photographic Society708
8Ermelo Foto Klub707
9Bloemfontein Kameraklub706
9Krugersdorp Camera Club706
10National Photographic Club705
11Magalies Foto Fun Club704
12Hermanus Photographic Society703
13Vanderbijlpark Fotografiese Vereniging702
14Edenvale Photographic Club700
15Bethal Fotografie Klub699
17Alberton Camera Club695
18Midlens Fotoklub693
19Amber Camera Club690
19Sandton Photographic Society690
19Sasol Highveld Photography Club690
20Boksburg Camera Club688
21Highway Camera Club687
22Mosselbaai Kameraklub685
23Cape Town Photographic Society684
23Eden Photographic Society684
24Klerksdorp Fotografie Klub683
24Rustenburg Photographic Society683
25Springs Photographic Club682
25Swartland Fotografieklub682
26Nelspruit Photographic Society675
26Tafelberg Fotografieklub675
27Tygerberg Photographic Society674
28F-Stop Fotografiese Vereniging672
29Port Elizabeth Camera Club669
30Bosveld Fotografie Klub668
31Ballito Photo Club667
32Maritzburg Camera Club666
33Fish Hoek Photographic Society663
34Centurion Camera Club660
34Creative Camera Club660
35Kowie Camera Club655
36Pretoria Photographic Society642