Moods for March’s set subject
Moods for March’s set subject

Moods for March’s set subject

The set subject topic for March is “Moods” – so that gives a wide interpretation across virtually all genres of photography.

Mood essentially relates to the lighting in a shot. Giving something mood usually means we are trying to make it dark and brooding i.e. making it moody. But mood can relate to any lighting situation, to give your photo any mood/feeling. For landscape photography, mood usually relates to the weather.

Atmosphere and mood play important roles in photography. Mood conveys an emotional tone, while the atmosphere projects a sense of place and time. Both of these elements draw the viewer in, allowing them to connect with your photo.

So your photos can show any of these elements: Cheerful, Reflective, Gloomy, Humourous, Melancholy, Idyllic, Whimsical and Romantic or indeed any combination of these elements. 

Why is mood important in photography? Photography is all about evoking feelings and emotions. It’s how they make us feel. Just as in life, also in photography, feelings come from within. They represent attitude, state of mind, and they communicate a message.

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