Chairman’s report at AGM 2021
Chairman’s report at AGM 2021

Chairman’s report at AGM 2021

2020 was a year full of challenges for our club. We started off with great ideas and good opportunities to stimulate our growth as photographers, then Covid-19 hit the world. Despite of all these challenges we did well in a variety of competitions.

Monthly activities

We continued with our monthly meetings and evaluations except for the month of April 2020. Due to Covid regulations our regular activities like outings, training and physical meetings at the Church Hall was not possible. Most of the year’s monthly meetings were conducted under lockdown conditions, via Zoom or with a link send out per e-mail. Most members have become used to virtual meetings. We resumed our physical meetings at the Church Hall in September 2020, with very low attendance. This was put on hold again with the second wave of Covid mid December 2020. The club invested in a Zoom licence and all future meetings and training sessions will be held on this platform, until Covid allow us to safely meet physically again. There were a decline in membership, and less members participate in monthly activities. Only two monthly outings was possible for the year, on the 22 February to Walker Bay Nature Reserve and on 6 March Practical Studio Portraiture. This was so high in demand that we had to schedule another one on the 11th of March.

Training opportunities

In the beginning of 2020 we started with our 2nd Wednesday “Photography Know How for everyone” The first subject was Camera Basics. We decided to open this up to the public with a small fee to cover cost. This start off with a BANG! Attendance was high with 50% of the attendees’ members and 50% from the public. This one was followed up with Cell Phone Photography. We had one more on dramatic lighting in September 2020.


Our club’s visibility was boosted last year by several club and individual activities and achievements. Members participating in salons did extremely well, putting Hermanus Club’s name out there. Hermanus was also joint runner up in 2020 Interclub. We, Hermanus future a few times on the PSSA Website, thanks to our very talented members with their entries into various mediums. On the 25 June we even had an international club challenge between Romney Marsh PC v Hermanus PS. Hermanus won this battle.

Monthly news, info and photos in the two local newspapers, and an article in an international newspaper. A monthly newsletter on the PSSA website, our Facebook Page, and by sharing events on the Western Cape Photographic Facebook Page, and news from the Western Cape Photographic clubs.


Subscriptions have been slow in coming in, and less than last year. A few people have cancelled – mainly members who were not active last year. Due to virtual meetings as the new normal, we can easily keep the club alive and buzzing. To do this we do need commitment from all members to join in these activities. Due to promotions in star grading, we need more one to three star members to be active in the club activities, and new members to join and learn from the older ones.


Virtual meetings will continue for the time being. Our main stream of communication will be via e-mail. Virtual meetings prove to have an upside to the photographic community. We can now invite more “outside” judges, and let them give us a short presentation in their specialised fields and learn from them. We get invites from other clubs to attend their meetings and presentations. The two-year term of the chairperson (myself), who were elected at the AGM in 2019, now comes to an end. Thanks to members for contributions over the years from tea, workshops and fees. The committee for fulfilling their different portfolios.

Every member who attended our meetings, took part in our activities, lent a hand, came up with suggestions, and in any other way contributed
to our good year.

Elizma Fourie

3 March 2021 via Zoom broadcast

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