Hermanus Photographic Society
Submitting Images

Submitting Images

Members can submit up to three images of their choice per monthly competition ( digital images or prints or a combination thereof) and one for the set subject of the month. The format of the meetings vary from time to time so please check OUR PROGRAMME before submitting images.

Digital images 

Each image should be sized to be no wider than 1980 pixels and no higher than 1080 pixels. It should be submitted as a Jpeg.
To preserve quality when converting to jpeg format, the least amount of compression should be used but enough to achieve a file size of less than2MB

  • Open PhotoVault in your browser: https://www.photovaultonline.com/photovault/index.php
  • Log into the PhotoVault page click on register and register an account
  • After successful registration log into the PhotoVault page and Login.
  • Once you are logged in, you can start uploading your photos.
  • Click on My Photo Vault and then select Upload New Photo.

Print images

A digital version of the print is to be submitted as per above as well as the actual print.

Prints must be mounted and the title and name of the author must appear on the back.

Minimum size = 203X254 mm (8″X10″), [Trade Prints 5″X7″], excluding mount.

Maximum size 400 mmX550mm (16″X20″) including the mount.

For club purposes “Jumbo size prints” will be allowed in 1 & 2 Star in the Print division.