May 2022

Photo Journalism

Firefighters killing the embers © Daniel Reddie

Airshow flying in formation © Daniel Reddie


Madame tubing for fun © Robyn Simmons
all about the bass © Crighton Klassen
Woestynspekvreter © Charles Naude


Following Mom © Elizma Fourie
Glasslike Ocean © Robyn Simmons


Out of the Mist © David Wilson


In for the landing © Carina de Klerk
Scraggly brown hyena © Carina de Klerk
Double Alert © Charles Naude
Moonlight Bay in the Mist © Robyn Simmons


Water brings life © Carina de Klerk
Camel Thorn sunrise © Phil Sturgess
Overberg fields of plenty © Phil Sturgess
Grotto de Arniston © Crighton Klassen

Set subject: H is for?

Hippo happiness © Carina de Klerk. Winner of set subject H is for… and senior image of the month.
Hands out © Phil Sturgess
A Held Hairy Leg © Robyn Simmons
H is for Halloween Moon © David Wilson
Hang over © Crighton Klassen