February 2022 gold and merit awards


This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is C-001-1914522-Twisted-branches-300x199.jpg
Twisted branches by Phil Sturgess. 25 Gold

Photo Journalism

J-001-1919842-Young Flyer
Young Flyer by Charles Naudé. 25 Gold.
The Artist by Daniel Reddie
The Artist by Daniel Reddie. 24 Gold.


N-001-1914123-THE SUNSET DANCE
The sunset dance by Robyn Simmons. 22, Merit.
N-001-1914278-Last Gasp for Kermit
Last Gasp for Kermit by David Wilson. 26, Merit and Senior image of the Month.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is N-001-1914529-Bathing-Bateleur-300x300.jpg
Bathing Bateleur by Phil Sturgess. Master Bronze. 25, Gold.
N-001-1919199-Sweeping tail
Sweeping tail by Carina de Klerk. 25, Gold.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is N-001-1915649-Lift-Off-300x200.jpg
Lift Off by Luke Horsten, 24, Gold.
N-002-1919200-Lioness at dusk
Lioness at dusk by Carina de Klerk. 24, Gold.


O-001-1916232-Mirror mirror on the wall
Mirror mirror on the wall by Elizma Fourie. 25, Gold.
O-001-1918786-Storms River sunset
Storms River sunset by Peter Jaquire. 1-Star, 23, Merit
O-001-1918787-Jubilee Creek Waterfall
Jubilee Creek Waterfall by Rene Pretorius. 1-Star, 22, Certificate of Merit.
O-001-1919824-Dinner for One
Dinner for One by Sheron Pretorius. 3-Star, 24. Gold.
O-002-1918790-Belvidere Church
Belvidere Church by Rene Pretorius. 23 Certificate of Merit.


P-001-1905067-Maternal love
Maternal love by Crighton Klassen. Master Bronze, 24, Gold.
P-001-1914096-MISS MADAM
Miss Madam by Robyn Simmons. 1-Star. 22, Merit.
P-001-1916809-Im too sexy for this pic
I’m too sexy for this pic by Peter Jaquire. 1-Star, 25, Merit and Junior Image of the Month.
Provocative by Hestie das Neves. Master Bronze, 24, Gold.
P-002-1914104-FLOWER CHILDE
Flower childe (sic) by Robyn Simmons. 1-Star, 23, Merit.


Aconcagua valley
Aconcagua valley by Phil Sturgess. Master Bronze, 24, Gold.
S-001-1918731-Italian Castle
Italian Castle by Linda Kotzenberg. 26, Gold.
S-001-1918785-Tsitsikamma blue hour
Tsitsikamma blue hour by Peter Jaquire. 1-Star. 23, Merit.
S-001-1919201-Kyaking to Castle Stalker
Kyaking to Castle Stalker by Carina de Klerk, 5-Star. 25, Gold.
S-001-1919834-Fiery Dawn
Fiery Dawn by Charles Naude, Master Bronze. 24. Gold.
S-002-1905068-The Sentinel
The Sentinel by Chrigton Klassen. Master Bronze, 25, Gold.

Set subject:

The Decisive Moment or “un moment décisif”

X-001-1914088-A BIT OF TONGUE
A bit of tongue by Robyn Simmons. 1-Star. 21, Merit.
X-001-1914277-Strokur Erupts
Strokur Erupts by David Wilson. 4-Star. 24, Gold.
Cobra strike
Cobra strike by Phil Sturgess. 25, Gold.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is X-001-1915645-All-the-Action-300x210.jpg
All the Action by Luke Horsten. 5-Star. 24, Gold.
X-001-1917684-Splish splash
Splish splash by Peter Jaquire. 1-Star, 22, Merit.
Too late for tears by Linda Kotzenberg. 5-Star. 26. Gold.
Relief by Rene Pretorius. 1-Star. 23, Merit.
X-001-1919825-You got us stuck You sort it out
You got us stuck You sort it out by Sheron Pretorius. 3-Star, 23, Gold.
X-001-1919904-To Drink or Not to Drink
To Drink or Not to Drink by Charles Naudé. Master Bronze, 25, Gold.
X-001-1919962-Narrow escape
Narrow escape by Carina de Klerk. 5-Star, 27 Merit, Set subject winner and overall Image of the Month.

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